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Does SUMITEC have any special tool or custom-made tool for us?2022-08-23T11:15:27+08:00

Yes, you can provide your own design or your work piece to us so we can propose the designated cutter for you.


Does SUMITEC offer technical support during first time set-up?2022-08-23T11:16:11+08:00

Yes, we are always happy to assist our customer during actual set-up. This is to prevent wrong application being used and to provide proper training to our customer.

Does SUMITEC provide immediate supports if the product I am using is having problem?2022-08-23T11:14:47+08:00

Feel free to contact us. Our technical team is always ready to provide technical supports online and offline.

There is no difference between SUMITEC and my other suppliers. How can you assist my business? 2022-08-11T09:10:56+08:00

As per our mission mentions, SUMITEC to provide customers with our world-class technology products and solutions that are cost-saving, increase productivity and gain competitive advantage continuously. In SUMITEC, not only we offer useful and reliable products for our customer, but we also provide after-sales consultancy and on-site supports with our professional technical team. 

What are the benefits if we purchase from you?2022-08-11T09:06:22+08:00

Instead of product, we can provide professional advises and product demonstration to customer and we can share success case to customer.



Explore a Wide Range of Our Products

Find the right tool from our wide range of product catalog.

Machining Tools

High performance cutting tools and tool holders to ensure a reliable process and dimensional control in order to deliver ultimate product quality.

Measuring Tools

Innovative technologies in work set-up and in-process monitoring for maximum quality, precision and efficiency.

Maintenance Tools

Maintenance Tools

Lubrication maintenance extends the life of large machinery equipments and maintain a clean environment.

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