What is Roller Burnishing Tools?

  • Roller burnishing is a non-cutting method for smoothing and strain hardening metallic surfaces with forming elements.

  • During roller burnishing, the forming elements are loaded with a vertically directed force to the surface (roller burnishing force). Thereby the roughness profile is plastically deformed and levelled.
  • Roller burnishing changes the stress condition in the surface layer of the material.

  • Roller burnishing is a method of micro finishing.

Multi-roller tools

  • The classic design of roller burnishing tools are the multi-roller tools. They are offered in a broad range of standard and special forms.

  • They are normally used to work cylindrical holes, shafts, tapers, and plane surfaces.

  • Fast and economical machining without cross force to the rotation axis.

  • Used on all established types of machines.

Single roller burnishing tools

  • Only one roll is in operation.
  • Offered in different designs: Variable, Modular and Slim systems.

  • Used to process various diameters.

  • Spring loaded to compensate prework tolerances.

  • Can be fitted with standard or specially designed rollers according to process requirements.

  • Suitable for processing cylindrical parts and profiles like radii, tapers, or recesses.

  • Perfectly suitable for strain hardening.

Diamond burnishing tools

  • The burnishing process is not carried out by a rotating roller but by a spherical, fixed diamond. The diamond slides over the surface and forms a profile, comparable to a ball rolling over the surface.

  • This process of smoothening and strain hardening is like the process with conventional rolling tools.

  • The possibilities in design and the outstanding material characteristics of the diamond generate a significant extension for the applications of roller burnishing.

  • With the point-shaped contact area and the slim design of the diamond numerous contours can now be processed. For example, thin-walled parts can be smoothened with the diamond.

  • The enormous hardness of the diamond enables the machining of materials with a hardness of more than 60 HRC.

  • The design of the tools exclusively contains mechanical components; therefore, the tools can be used on almost every machine tool. There is no additional expensive equipment such as driven tools or hydraulic pumps required.

  • The slim design enables application of the tools in small, spaced machines such as swiss type lathe machines.

  • According to the requirements of the workpiece the shape of the diamond can be adapted from variable radii to cones and pyramided.

  • The combination of the diamond burnishing tool with cutting tools is possible.

COLIBRI: Perfect Finish For Sophisticated Workpieces

Diamond burnishing tool for external use, swiss lathe

Diamond burnishing tools from the Colibri series are always optimally suitable when the peak-to-valley height of filigree workpieces is to be minimized and at the same time the strength is to be increased.

Forming tools

  • Forming tools are a special feature in the Baublies product range. The design of the tools is related to roller burnishing tools.

  • The most important aim of the forming process is not the improvement of the surface roughness but the specific transformation of the workpiece geometry.

  • Forming tools are normally used on standard (CNC-) machine tools or on special machines which are integrated in assembly lines.

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