Extensive standard Range for Circular Milling, Slot Cutting, Profile Milling, Thread Milling, plus Milling Cutters for Tool-making and Mould-making.

System DC

For groove milling with a cutting edge diameter from 4.0 to 40.0 mm. The tools, which are available in several carbide grades, are primarily used to machine hard-to-cut materials, e.g. in medical technology.

Groove Milling by circular interpolation

Tool system with circular milling inserts with 3 and 6 cutting edges: Milling from a bore diameter of 9.3 mm and milling cutter up to a cutting width of 10 mm. Cutter heads and side milling cutters with indexable inserts bolted on one side for milling from a bore diameter.

Groove Milling by circular interpolation M275

Tool system for groove milling by circular interpolation with milling shanks, cutter heads and side milling cutters for a bore diameter from 32 mm.

Groove Milling Circular M380/M381

Slot Milling M101

Slot milling and slot cutting from a cutting edge Ø of 80 mm with the side milling cutter, type M101 and inserts S101.

Disc Milling Cutter and Arbor Cutter

Side milling cutter for creating slots and grooves or for cutting.

Thread Milling

Milling tools for making metric ISO threads and Whitworth pipe threads.

Gear Milling

Integrated gear cutting systems for module 0.5 to module 30 for milling spur gears, milling shaft/hub connections, broaching internal gear teeth, milling worm shafts and milling customer-specific gear-tooth profiles.

T-slot Milling

Milling tools for making T-slots for slot widths of 17 mm, 20 mm and 24 mm. Making T-slots in accordance with DIN 650.

Polygon Milling

Tool system for making 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 edge faces on turned parts. Solutions for various lathes with driven tool.

Modular Thread Whirling

Tool system for whirling threads on lathes. Standard and special solutions for the whirling heads realised for all common interfaces.

System DA

Shank and industry-standard threaded-connection milling cutter for face milling, pocket milling, plunge milling, widening, corner milling, chamfering and angled grooving. Positive inserts geometry for easy cut.

Tangential Milling

Tangential milling with systems 406, 409 and 610. End mill, arbor milling cutter, shell end mill and disc milling cutter with internal coolant supply. Precision-ground, rhombic indexable inserts achieve the highest levels of accuracy with the very best surface quality.

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