The completely new product line Makro-Grip Ultra offers countless clamping possibilities and can be changed quickly
and easily at the same time.

Thanks to the expandability of its modules Makro-Grip Ultra is capable of clamping parts of 810 mm length and beyond safely. With its size it pushes the LANG workholding to new heights and is suitable for mould making and clamping applications of flat and large parts.

Different system heights, individually expandable clamping ranges, interchangeable clamping jaw types and useful accessories – Makro-Grip Ultra is extremely flexible and equally applicable for single part or multiple clamping, cubic, round or asymmetrical workpieces.


  • Changeover of clamping situation within seconds
  • Low-vibration and distortion-low clamping of thin and flat material
  • All-around machining without changing over the clamping system
  • Clamping of asymmetrical parts due to individually adjustable clamping jaws
  • Robust and low-wear mechanics
  • Flexible change between centric single-part clamping and compensating multiple clamping

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