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This high precision, coordinate-ground gauge can be used for aligning Quick-Point Grid Plates to each other by simply inserting the gauge in 2 or 4 plates and removing it again after tightening the mounting screws. A precise alignment and dimensional accuracy of the plates are guaranteed.

Quick-Point 52, Alignment Gauge, Item No. 44152

Item No.44152
ForQuick-Point 52
Weight3.4 kg

Quick-Point 96, Alignment Gauge, Item No. 44196

Item No.44196
ForQuick-Point 96
Weight6.5 kg

Quick-Point Gauging Pallet

Jig-ground gauging pallet for a quick and precise alignment of Quick-Point plates. Recommended especially for rotary tables or chucks.

Quick-Point 52, Gauging Pallet, Item No. 44252

Item No.44252
Dimensions96 x 96 mm
Measuring Length95 mm / Side
Weight3.4 kg

Quick-Point 96, Gauging Pallet, Item No. 44296

Item No.44296
Dimensions126 x 126 x 56 mm
Measuring Length95 mm / Side
Weight4.2 kg

Quick-Point Quick-Lock

Mechanical and quick fastener, compatible with all rectangular and quared Quick-Point plates. Also compatible with the Quick-Point 2-fold Grid Plate, round. With the Quick-Lock device, we provide a clamping lever and washers to adjust clamping force as needed.

Quick-Lock 52, Item No. 44552

Item No.44552
For45600 / 75600 / 45150 / 45151 / 47220 / 45160 / 45156 / 45157
Weight0.3 kg

Quick-Lock 96, Item No. 44596

Item No.44596
For45710 / 45763 / 45715 / 45716 / 45400 / 45401 / 457520 / 45406 / 45407
Weight0.4 kg

Quick-Lock 52, for 2-fold Grid Plate, Item No. 45252

Item No.45252
Weight0.8 kg

Quick-Lock 96, for 2-fold Grid Plate, Item No. 45296

Item No.45296
Weight0.9 kg

Quick-Lock 52, for 4-fold Grid Plate, Item No. 45452

Item No.45452
For45640 / 45641
Weight0.9 kg

Quick-Lock 96, for 4-fold Grid Plates, Item No. 45496

Item No.45496
For45740 / 45741 / 45742
Weight1.0 kg

Quick-Lock 96, for 2-fold Grid Plates round, Item No. 45996

Item No.45996
For45962 / 45963 / 45964
Weight0.9 kg

Quick-Point Clamping Studs

For individual adaptation of fixtures, workpieces or existing vices onto our Quick-Point zero-point clamping system. All LANG clamping devices come standard with Quick-Point clamping studs.

Quick-Point 52 Clamping Studs, Item No. 45270

Item No.45270
DiameterØ 16 mm
For52 mm spacing
Threaded PinM8
Quantity1 pc.

Quick-Point 96 Clamping Studs, Item No. 45570

Item No.45570
DiameterØ 20 mm
For96 mm spacing
Threaded PinM10
Quantity1 pc.

Quick-Point Spacer Studs

Spacer studs allow to bring in through holes in material which is clamped in the zero-point system. It also improves accessibility when machining edges and angles.

Quick-Point 52 Spacer Studs, Item No. 45270-10

Item No.45270-10
DiameterØ 16 mm (spacer ring: Ø 24mm)
For52 mm spacing
Spacer Height10 mm
Quantity4 pcs.

Quick-Point 96 Spacer Studs, Item No. 45570-10

Item No.45770-10
DiameterØ 20 mm (spacer ring: Ø 28mm)
For96 mm spacing
Spacer Height10 mm
Quantity4 pcs.

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