Project Description


Ultra-High Speed and precision micro-machining, even on existing machining centers.
Outstanding dynamic runout accuracy.
Minimise thermal displacement.
Extended tool life.

  • Extended tool life with minimal thermal displacement

    High speed rotation of the machine spindle generates heat, causing spindle expansion and Z-axial displacement. This displacement results in dimension defects of precision molds or tool breakage in micro machining.
    The Air Turbine Spindle utilizes air for both driving and cooling the spindle simultaneously, thus the Z-axis displacement is eliminated.

  • Automatic tool change (RBX ATC Type)

    ATC is made possible by supplying air via Stop Block.
    Unmanned operation results in increased machining efficiency.

  • Application example

    Outstanding runout accuracy permits super thin wall cutting.
    Tool : ø0.5mm deep rib endmill
    Workpiece : Aluminum (A2017)
    Spindle speed : 70,000min-1
    Feed : 1,500mm/min

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