Project Description


Efficient, time saving solution for removal of chips and coolant


The Clean-Tec Chip Fan cleans the machine interior after machining processes, removing chips and coolant without the operator having to open the machine tool door. As a final step in the machining process, the fan is called up via the machine program and selected from the tool magazine. Its blades are opened and closed by controlling the speed of the machine tool spindle.

Automatic In-Process Cleaning of Workpieces and Fixtures!

  • Quick and easy cleaning of workpieces, fixtures and machine tool tables after the machining process

  • No swarf and coolant outside of the machine tool

  • Fibreglass compound body with steel centre core and wear-restistent carbon fibre wings for best durability

  • Can be clamped in every common shank Ø 20 mm or 3/4″

  • Clean-Tec wings open and close automatically by machine tool spindle adjustment

  • Available in sizes Ø 160 mm, Ø 260 mm, Ø 330 mm

Item No.30160
DiameterØ 160 mm
Shaft-ØØ 20 mm
RPM6.000 – 12.000
Item No.30260
DiameterØ 260 mm
Shaft-ØØ 20 mm
RPM5.000 – 8.000
Item No.30330
DiameterØ 330 mm
Shaft-ØØ 20 mm
RPM3.000 – 8.000

Clean-Tec Spare Part Kit

Item No.30164
ForClean-Tec 160
DiameterØ 160 mm
Item No.30264
ForClean-Tec 260
DiameterØ 260 mm
Item No.30334
ForClean-Tec 330
DiameterØ 330 mm

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