Project Description


CORE D is a 5-axis, optical CMM system which is ideal for measurement of small to medium turbine blades, medical implants or any other parts with similar characteristics of polished, reflective surfaces and sharp edges.

  • Specialist Applications, the best machine for the job
    Turbine blades | Medical parts | Other parts with similar features

  • Speed, because time is money
    5-axis | High scanning speeds | No part preparation or spraying needed

  • Shop Floor, close to production
    Small footprint | Protection from environment | Built for automation

  • Flexibility to get you the solution YOU need
    Range of sensors and configurations | Internal blade reporting or export in many formats | Measure parts with dull or shiny finish

  • Reliability of Results, an optical machine you can trust
    No cosine error | No out-of-plane error | Optical system with known uncertainty (ISO 10360)

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