Project Description


CORE M is a 6-axis, optical CMM system which is ideal for measurement of medium to the largest turbine or fan blades or any other parts with similar characteristics of polished, reflective surfaces and sharp edges.

The characteristics above are measured with a unique, "Double-eye” sensor which ensures good point accessibility and even collects reliable data with the axis of the light beam up to 85ᵒ to the surface normal.

  • Specialist Applications, the best machine for the job
    Turbine blades | Medical parts | Other parts with similar features

  • Speed, because time is money
    5-axis | High scanning speeds | No part preparation or spraying needed

  • Shop Floor, close to production
    Small footprint | Protection from environment | Built for automation

  • Flexibility to get you the solution YOU need
    Range of sensors and configurations | Internal blade reporting or export in many formats | Measure parts with dull or shiny finish

  • Reliability of Results, an optical machine you can trust
    No cosine error | No out-of-plane error | Optical system with known uncertainty (ISO 10360)

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