Project Description

Exact S – Desktop CT

The compact desktop CT exaCT S is the ideal solution for volume measurement of small components. It fits on any desk and offers maximum performance in the smallest space. The high resolution enables detailed evaluations of even the smallest components, ranging from micro-measurement to micro-material testing.

  • Space-saving desktop CT through compact integration of the complete electronics and control system
  • High power of  130 kV with maintenance-free radiation source
  • Flexible system  with compact design and sophisticated ergonomics
  • Fast set-up of workpieces thanks to integrated video cameras and special software features
  • Easy operability and high performance of the application software
  • Space-saving table installation
    Integration of electronics and control in a compact system | No need for a separate control cabinet | Perfectly thought-out work ergonomics

  • Best performance through high efficiency
    Optimized ratio of measuring volume to floor space | Efficient scanning and reconstruction processes | Suitable for workshops

  • One scan, maximum time saving
    Measurement with virtual CMM I NDT and error analysis I Microstructure analysis

  • Flexible ‘Plug and Play’ solution
    Micro metrology | Software for all applications | Quick set-up of workpieces

  • Low operating costs
    Maintenance-free radiation source | Precision mechanics for higher availability | Longer calibration intervals

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