Project Description

The hydraulic screw jack Hydro•Sup helps to minimise vibrations during the machining process of overhanging workpieces. The height of 86 mm is identical to system height “S” of Makro•Grip® Ultra. With the addition of spacers system heights “M” and “L” can be matched. It can also be used with regular Makro-Grip 5-Axis-Vices 125 in order to support overhanging workpieces.

Hydro-Sup hydraulic screw jack

Item No.81586
Resting Height85 – 89 mm
Weight3.0 kg

Spacer for system height “M”

Item No.81515
Resting Height148 – 152 mm
Weight2.9 kg

Spacer for system height “L”

Item No.81523
Resting Height228 – 232 mm
Weight6.7 kg

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