Project Description

Due to the centre marking tool workpiece blanks can be inserted centrally in our scaled centre vices. Endstops are not necessarily needed anymore. You are still able to insert several workpieces with high repeatability without an endstop.

The centre marking tool is mounted to the movable stamping unit jaw via 2 pcs M6x14 cylinder head screw.

Centre marking tool for stamping unit, Item No. 41010

Item No.41010
DescriptionCentre Marking Tool

Spare marking stud, Item No. 41010-01

Item No.41010-01
DescriptionSpare Marking Tool

Gauging blocks to measure wear of stamping jaws

Creating trust – always the same clamping quality! To ensure consistent holding power in your clamping device, the wear of the stamping jaw gripping teeth should be checked regularly with these gauging blocks.

Gauging blocks to measure wear of stamping jaws, Item No. 41020

Item No.41020
Quantity3 pcs

Stamping Jaws

Stamping Jaws, Standard, Item No. 41111

Item No.41111
For Materialup to 35 HRC
Quantity1 pair

Stamping Jaws, High-End, Item No. 41112

Item No.41112
For Materialup to 45 HRC
Quantity1 pair

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