Project Description

LH with Rotary Table Series

The LH with Rotary Table Series is a 4-axis machine which combines the measurement principles of metrology and the flexibility of a coordinate measuring machine. Equipped with an integrated rotary table and a WENZEL WMC controller, rotationally symmetrical parts as well as prismatic parts can be measured quickly and precisely with an LH with Rotary Table.

  • Long term, mechanical accuracy
    Granite Structure | Hand finished | Inherent mechanical precision

  • Low cost of ownership
    Air bearings with small gaps – low air consumption | Renishaw probes – reliable with cheap replacement parts | Longer calibration intervals

  • Speed, because time is money
    True 4th axis for highest speed and precision | High scanning speeds | Quick Tool Change

  • Flexibility to get you the solution YOU need
    Measure any shaft geometry and rotors | Measure CMM parts | Huge range of sizes and configurations

  • Reliability for maximum uptime
    Superbly engineered and built | WMC controller – the most reliable

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