Project Description

A single base body is needed especially when an existing base set is to be expanded. For instance, if you want to go from a clamping range of 410 mm to 610 mm / 810 mm or beyond. With a single base body Quick-Point clamping studs are included (4 pcs. for long bases, 2 pcs. for short bases). Also included is a slot nut and the respective scaling.

Short Base, height “S”

Item No.81011
Length96 mm
Weight2.8 kg

Short Base, height “M”

Item No.81012
Length96 mm
Weight6.7 kg

Short Base, height “L”

Item No.81013
Length96 mm
Weight11.7 kg

Long Base, height “S”

Item No.81021
Length192 mm
Weight5.5 kg

Long Base, height “M”

Item No.81022
Length192 mm
Weight12.1 kg

Long Base, height “L”

Item No.81023
Length192 mm
Weight20.7 kg

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