Project Description


The unique Key Grip locking mechanism prevents the tool from slipping or pulling out during heavy machining. For machining difficult-to-cut materials such as titanium or Inconel. Accepts industry standard Weldon flat cutters. (Can be used with additional machining for tools without a flat section.)

  • The unique Key Grip locking mechanism

    Simple and easy handling with secure clamping
    (1) Place the Key Grip onto the flat part of the endmill.
    (2) Set the spring into the bore of chuck, then insert the endmill in alignment with the groove.
    (3) Rotate the endmill and set the stopper pin.
    (4) Clamp the tool until the nut contacts to the chuck body completely.

  • Flood jet through coolant

    A sufficient volume of jet-through coolant is ejected from vents in three locations.

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