Project Description

NiTiCo 30 Series End Mill

HPMT’s NiTiCo Series solid carbide endmills contains a high positive rake design which is specifically developed to provide exceptional material removal rates in carbon steel, aluminium, non-ferrous, copper alloys, brass and bronze materials.

Product Features & Benefits include:

  • Stable Cutting Edge – With 4/5 Flute design and larger core diameter for high-speed machining

  • Differential Pitch (DP) – To greatly reduce vibration and chattering

  • Differential Helix (DH) – To reduce cutting force & improve machining performance

  • Corner Radius (CR) – For edge protection

  • One tool for both roughing and finishing process

  • High Stock Removal Rate (Q)

  • Excellent in machining difficult material such as high Ni, Co Alloy, Titanium & Stainless Steel of up to 35HRC

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