Project Description

RUF Series

The RUF under-floor measuring arm is the ideal complement to an RAD, RADplus or RAX duplex installation when difficult to access features need to be measured from below. The arm is available in manual or CNC versions. The measuring range depends on the RAD, RADplus or RAX machine that the RUF is combined with. The measuring arm points vertically upwards and can work individually or in a shared coordinate system with the arms above the floor, acting in a collision protected and synchronised manner.

  • Accessibility
    Measure Car datums from below | Measure features from below | Shortest cycle times

  • Low cost of ownership
    Easy access for maintenance | Renishaw probes – reliable with cheap replacement parts | Longer calibration intervals

  • Flexibility to get you the solution YOU need
    Special sizes on request | Controllers and software | Installed within the foundation

  • Sensor choices to suit your application
    Cube | PH10M or MIH | Touch Probing

  • Turnkey Systems
    Installation and foundation management | Safety Systems | Loading systems

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