Project Description

Excellent performance for Machining of Exotic Alloys

  • SUMIBORON BINDERLESS, nano-polycrystalline CBN, for cutting edges.

  • High efficiency and high precision machining are possible due to the use of the CBN tools with no binders.

  • Suitable for high efficiency finishing of exotic alloys such as titanium alloy, Co-Cr alloy, etc.

  • Outstanding wear resistance is achieved by the excellent hardness and thermal conductivity of nano-polycrystalline CBN.

  • Superior dimensional tolerances and machined surface roughness over many hours

  • Less tool replacements compared to conventional grades will improve work efficiency and reduce total costs.


  • SUMIBORON BINDERLESS are CBN with nano to submicron CBN grains bound tight and no binders.

  • The higher hardness and improved thermal conductivity compared to conventional CBN grades ensure higher efficiency and longer tool life for use with exotic alloys such as titanium alloy and Co-Cr alloy.

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