Project Description

For Ultimate High-Precision Machining

  • Ideal for finishing of cemented carbide and hard brittle material
    The excellent wear resistance of nano-polycrystalline diamond enables high-precision machining of cemented carbide.

  • Maintains superior dimensional tolerances over many hours
    Greatly reduced tool replacements compared to conventional diamond tools will improve work efficiency and reduce total costs.

Your Secret Weapon for Roughing Cemented Carbides and Hard Brittle Materials

  • Ideal for roughing of cemented carbide and hard brittle materials
    Coarse polycrystalline diamonds offer excellent wear resistance performance, enabling stable tool life when working with sintered surfaces of cemented carbide or roughing hard brittle material.
  • Adoption of SUMIDIA NF inserts
    The optimal design and incorporation of mass production techniques allows for excellent cost effectiveness with the same performance as conventional models.

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