Project Description

Polygonal shanks feature keyless couplings with a characteristic – polygonal shape, which bear cutting torque every on three surfaces to provide high rigidly and high index accuracy.

  • Size
    Corresponding to Polygon Shank size from PSC32 (DCSFMS=32mm) to PSC80 (DCSFMS=80mm).

  • High Rigidity and High Accuracy

    • Two surface restriction by 1/2 polygon taper and the end face offer High rigidity.
    • Keyless capling offers bearing cutting torque on three surfaces and High index accuracy in the edge position.
    • High precision and a repeatbility of ±2μm in 3 axes are realized.
  • Shorten the tool exchange time
    While It's possible to gain higher machine utilization time.
  • Coolant supply
    (Lower than 1MPa)

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