Project Description

Low cutting force and high efficiency drilling of aluminum components

  • Super MultiDrill NHGS type is solid carbide drill with through-tool coolant holes that utilizes a new J-flute shape with WL-thinning that is specially for high feed drilling, to achieve stable chip evacuation and outstandingly low cutting force.

  • In addition, the combination of a wide W-margin and AURORA Coat achieve stable and high efficiency drilling of aluminum alloys.

  • Achieving high efficiency drilling at 2~4 times feedrate with less than ½ the cutting force
  • Utilizing a new “J-flute” shape and “WL-thinning”  that is specially designed for high feed drilling

  • Pre-cast hole drilling with a wide double-margin design
  • AURORA Coat (DLC) provides a stable machining and long tool life

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