Project Description

High efficiency shoulder milling cutters

  • Precision inserts with strong cutting edge and low cutting force design.

    • Unique curved cutting edge design increases cutting edge strength yet reduces cutting force.
    • High precision cutting edges produces machined surfaces close to finishing quality.
    • Smooth cutting even for deep grooves and low rigidity machines.
  • Highly-durable body

    • Improved corrosion and scratch resistance with a special surface treatment.
    • Improved clamping force and durability by using larger screws.
  • Coolant holes are standard in the whole series
    Improved chip evacuation with air or coolant supply.
  • Wide selection of inserts

    • 6 different chipbreakers designs. (L, G, H, E, EH and S type)
    • 9 different grades to cover a wide variety of work materials and applications.

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