Project Description

WM | Pointmaster – Reverse Engineering

WM | PointMaster is WENZEL's software for handling of point clouds from 3D scanning probes and voxel data from CT systems.

  • Made by WENZEL
    Developed | Produced | Maintained

  • Flexibility
    Point cloud and CT data to CAD/CAM/STL in one software | Multi-language | Milling path generation

  • Low cost of ownership
    Reasonably priced SMA | Discounts with quantity | Discounts as part of maintenance contract

  • Power
    Real time rendering | NDT testing for shrink holes, impurities and wall thickness | Material segmentation and visualisation

  • Connectivity
    Imports from all common CAD | Virtual CMM Connection to WM | QUARTIS for GD& T | Drives CMM systems with Optical sensors

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