Project Description

WM | SYS Analyzer – The Mobile Analysis Tool

With the WM | SYS Analyzer software solution WENZEL offers extensive possibilities for controlling and analyzing measurement tasks and machines used. This allows the customer to have a "digital twin” of their part and analyze their measurement data in an intelligent and flexible way.

  • Networking of local and global information of all connected measuring machines
  • Intuitive interface and usability
  • Automatic backup of all information, e.g. machine data and data from the measuring environment
  • Possibilities of further analyses
  • Platform independent usage and encryption
  • Information Transparency
    Machine data | Measurement sequences | Measurement environment

  • Remotely MonitBackup and Reuseor Machine Performance
    Automatic storage | Multifaceted comparability | Automatic archiving

  • Versatile use on all Platforms
    Smartphones | Tablets | Desktop computers

  • Service Improvement
    Wear display | Outstanding maintenance | Avoidance of downtimes

  • High machine utilization
    Monitoring of machine running times | Reduction of errors | Lower downtime

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