ZOLLER Tool Balancing – December 2022 Newsletter

Unbalanced tools pose a problem, generating vibrations that can result in broken tools, a shorter spindle life, and increased workpiece roughness.
Theoretically, balancing is always necessary, especially in any machining operation exceeding 3000 rpm, where balance becomes critical.
Zoller Tool Balancer has developed a new tool balancer, prioritizing your safety, convenience, and ease of use without compromising ultimate precision and repeatability.

Zoller offers a high-precision spindle & center-offset balancing adapter featuring a pressure element and a two-point anchor contact for tool center-offset. The membrane operation with display guidance ensures efficiency.

While tool balancing may not always be deemed necessary, it is generally a good idea. Much like unbalanced wheels on a car, would you ever consider it fine to drive?

Although balancing won’t solve every problem in a cutting process, it can eliminate a significant possibility

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