Water-miscible coolants

Blaser products at a glance – cost-effective coverage of all applications.
Well-balanced product range offers you the following advantages:


Mineral oil-based cutting fluid with our unique bio-concept.

  • Free of bactericide and boron

  • Excellent human and environmental compatibility

  • High performance thanks to well-proven additive technology

  • Finely dispersed oil-in-water emulsions thanks to modern technology

  • Universal cutting fluid for nearly all machining operations, materials, and water qualities in diverse climates.

  • Robust

  • Emergency running properties.


Mineral oil free cutting fluid based on natural resources.

  • Outstanding performance thanks to natural oil molecule polarity

  • Resistant to high pressures & temperatures thanks to compact lubrication film

  • Ideal for high-tensile / tough steels und titanium

  • Natural raw materials


Mineral oil-based cutting fluid.

  • Good resistance to microorganism growth

  • Keeps machine clean.

  • Low rate of concentration adjustment

Synergy / Grindex

Oil free synthetic cutting fluids for cutting and grinding.

  • Mineral oil free.

  • Stable against high-pressure applications and extremely high cutting

  • Non-foaming in hard and soft water.

  • Suitable for medium to high removal rates.

  • Easy handling.

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